Art Sozo

freedom - creativity - healing

Art Sozo is a unique take on the Sozo process, blending traditional Sozo inner-healing tools with the freedom of art as a way to connect with God and heal wounds and lies. Through the Art Sozo Workshop, God moves powerfully and touches people's hearts, releasing creativity and bringing lasting healing.

Here's what others are saying about their art sozo workshop experience...

“I was surprised by the depth of connection (with God) through creativity.”
“I have been afraid to risk expressing my creativity through art because I have an artistic family and I have always felt that being artistic with paint had skipped me. Today, Holy Spirit showed that I am an artist. That I can create something beautiful through art.”
“Holy Spirit also met me so deeply and so quickly to my place of need because I could not think, I had to feel! I was able to access my emotions and feelings and give them a voice, express them in a way that I have not chosen to since I was a little girl. Through the freedom of creativity I was able to experience Him in ways that brought deep healing and freedom.”   Katrin from San Diego
“God spoke to me about my roadblock, my belief in the lie that He isn’t almighty and able to do all things. Through simplicity of using paint and canvas, I was able to bypass my “overthinking” and discover God’s truth”  Aubrey from Los Angeles
“(There was) constant revelation with every painting and even during the times of sharing.” Damara from Los Angeles
“He (God) understands me and knows what I’m saying and expressing , even before I do, and even when I don’t understand.”  “It makes me want to paint! And to express myself through colors and art. I feel more connected to the things I’m feeling, and how to express it.”  Rachelle from Los Angeles
“This was very grounding and assuring of who He is right…NOW- to me.” Coco from Los Angelus
“I feel like a hopelessness, deep hopelessness broke and hope- Jesus- busted into a very dark place of despair.” Babette from Virginia
“I experienced deeper levels of trust in His faithfulness and power.” Susan from California
“I enjoyed trying to express my emotions and images with colors, paints and no paint brushes. I especially like having a picture of Father God’s revelation to display on my wall to declare His promise! What an awesome experience!” Beverly from Nicaragua
“I was surprised at the lie that I was believing but Papa God had my back and He assured me that He is always with me-seeing me.” Anonymous from Tulare, CA
“God reaffirmed His promises to me about my kids and my position in Him.” Chris from Wisconsin
“I felt the Trinity’s delight over me and had a revelation of God’s perfect timing and protection.” Jaz from Spain
“I came to the workshop heavy- hearted about an event from the previous evening-not knowing how to feel about what happened or how I was feeling. I was able to use this time to tap into not only my feelings but also God’s feelings for me.”  Lesley from Alameda, CA
“This session gave me clues and tools to pursue my own creative journey to encounter God. I probably will use painting more in my personal life as a way to intimacy with Him.” Anonymous from France
“I connected to God. Got the relational breakthrough I’ve been wanting with the Father. The coaching through the encounter was crucial for me. The atmosphere was safe and fun. I received so much freedom.”   Anonymous from Redding, CA
“I feel more connected (with God). I was surprised about the lie and feel relieved knowing His goodness and love isn’t based on my performance.”  Leesa from Redding, CA
“I felt peaceful, safe, not judged, free, and valued - this isn’t usually how I feel during painting.” Lindsey from Redding, CA
“Now I feel like I can believe more in the Holy Spirit and He really showed me that he understands me and notices me.” Anonymous from Gresham, OR
“I have been struggling in being released in heart, spirit, and creativity. (I am an artist) I feel God released me with joy and peace.” Sara from Redding, Ca
“This experience enabled me to forgive at a deep level an institution that I didn’t realize I hadn’t forgiven.” Anonymous for Redding, CA
“I really didn’t know what to expect. I felt as though “I’m fine” but God lovingly led me through some buried pain and fear around “death”. He gave me Him and his real power.” Lyn from Redding, Ca
“Beautiful, real, healing, freeing, and inspiring.” Julianne from Redding, Ca
“I have always been creative and when I started using drugs my creativity seemed boundless. Now that I have been sober I found it hard to create anything at all. I believe this workshop was crucial in unlocking my creativity in this new, sober, Christ centered life!” Jake from Susanville, Ca
“He (God) told me that He forgives my anger and still is close to me even when I am starting to get upset.”  Beurer from Switzerland
“I feel I found a new way to worship Him with quiet time and an empty canvas.” John from San Francisco, CA
“(I) dealt with a lifelong issue that never came up in a sozo before. I think using art allowed it to surface.” Barbara from Redding, Ca
“I found out God’s delight in seeing me free and pursuing my dreams again. I felt His hope begin to arise and He revealed more to me about my never being alone.” Genny from Alabama
“I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, He showed me that He is gentle and soft with me and want to be with me. And He will surprise me.” Anonymous from Switzerland
“(I had) a lot of difficulty in trusting God completely due to cultural and family upbringing, and art Sozo has helped me walk out creativity and healing as I allow God to take me on a journey of greater trust.” Sophia from Singapore
“I have always had difficulty meeting and getting close to Jesus. But after this session I can dance with Him and not be afraid. He is closer to my heart than before.” Yvonne from New York
“I felt very connected (with God) and open and had an important concern dealt with.” Michelle from Maryland
“I like letting feelings move with my hands on paper. I think I will become more free with time. I want to keep this up in my prayer time.” Laurie from Delaware
“A large amount of grief and anxiety has been lifted. “ Anonymous from Delaware
“I finally received my voice after many years of being held back. My voice does matter.”  Virginia from Delaware
“I was able to reach deep wounds that were interconnected. The healing was very intricate and beautiful. My relationship with the Holy Spirit had felt elusive and now He has revealed his true identity and my true identity.” Leah for Pennsylvania
“I was able to express my anger and frustration and experience Jesus heal, cover, and renew my heart and my feelings.” Michelle from Washington
“I was able to heal and recover from a traumatic event that happened 8 years ago and forgive those who hurt me, release them, and experience God’s extravagant love.” Michelle from Washington
“I feel like God really showed me how valuable I am to Him.  I always felt like I am not worth a whole lot because I never finished college almost like a failure hanging over my head, but today he really says I have big and greater plans if you just listen.” Ximena, California
“When we were asked what lie we have believed, it immediately came to me that Jesus was saying, ‘You don’t believe I came for you.’ I painted a small black and white box, symbolizing how I’ve believed some people ‘get in’ (earn His love) by following strict rules or guidelines. But then I painted a flame symbolizing His concentrated love coming down for me.” Allison, California
“God showed me how to better express my thoughts and feelings with paint. He showed me that I am Very valuable in His eyes. And that He loves me andenjoys working with me and through me.” Chris, Washington
“Through the Art Sozo I was able to connect with Papa God. I was able to not only forgive God for feeling as if I had been short changed but also forgive myself for the lies I had believed. Papa showed me that I hadn’t been short-changed but that He had actually made me unique and distinct.” Anonymous, Texas
“So good to get out of my head and express my heart to Father-God without words! Creating art really does have the potential to cut straight to deep places.” Anonymous, Texas
“I hadn’t realized that I had closed my heart to Holy Spirit, but I had –for a long time. The chasm had grown significant and I felt very alone as a result. When the Holy Spirit showed me to forgive myself for the separation. I was undone and did so. After my self-forgiveness I could feel and see Holy Spirit inside of me. I could see and hear the truth that my heart is full of God’s heart and surrounded by His heart too! He gave me wings for my heart to say He trusts me to love and impart life.” Toni, California
“God used this time to get to my heart and even though is was sometimes painful, it was real. He reminded me that I belong. I am not alone, He had covered me with His love, His forgiveness and that He is central, that He sees me. I am alive, living, growing, and He cries with me and laughs with me.” Lynne, California
“I was moved to tears when I saw the picture of God and me becoming “one.” Donna, Missouri
“I was surprised by what things moved me the most. God combined movement, art, music, and His promises to encounter me and paint with me. I feel like and treasure and I feel like I have treasures in the art I’m taking home.” Bethany, California
“I feel as if through ART God has shown me that I can do anything with Him, no matter how messy. He is always on the journey with me and works all things together for His Glory!!” Mary, California
“I arrived at the art sozo workshop wanting to hear God’s voice…and I did! God spoke both powerfully and clearly. I am really excited about my artwork and what it taught me.” Jo, UK
“I did my art sozo with Holy Spirit. At first I didn’t feel that Holy Spirit loved me. I forgave my mom who wasn’t able to love me as a child. Then Holy Spirit wrapped His arms around my heart and then wave after wave of His love washed over me. I am His daughter! Lastly, I saw Holy Spirit put his hands on my face and look at me with such love.” Mary Joy, California
“Father God became Dad. A distance between us was removed and we are enmeshed.” Anju, California
“When I arrived today I was wrestling with God about some issues in my life. This process of painting with Him opened up some very simple, but encouraging truths about how nothing is beyond His grasp.” Rena, California
“Holy Spirit really met me. I cried through each of the exercises and as I shared about my pieces He gave me deeper revelation of His heart for me. He released such comfort as I was vulnerable and opened up through the paintings.” Karla, South Dakota
“The lie I believed was I could only encounter God to a certain limit- I forgave the church. The truth- God smiles from heaven on me and I light up His life. There is no limit to how much I can encounter Him because of JESUS.” Judy, Minnesota
“Through these exercises I was able to feel and release feelings that I had kept from Jesus. I was able to forgive and allow God to work in the situation.” Shawn, Oregon
“God reminded me that I do have feelings and can identify and express them. God wants to dispel all the lies that I believe about Him and myself.” David, Idaho
“Released anger. Experienced peace. I would love to continue using art as a way to express my emotions.” Liz, Ohio
“God brought revelation, freedom, and hope back into my life through this experience.” Desiree, Massachusetts
“I was able to tackle deep thing and connect them in ways I wouldn’t have imagined and then express then with paint all around complete strangers!” Jori, California
“I surprisingly discovered that painting is an adventure in which I can process my emotions with God! It’s been a struggle to process my feelings verbally, but painting was liberating and brought clarity to what I was feeling. Daddy also spoke to me through my painting and that was really awesome! It was like I got to reconnect in expressing my heart to Him!” Sara, Oklahoma
“I feel lighter in my spirit after this workshop. It had helped me release hurts and receive love from Jesus. I think it was so helpful to forgive but in particular to say to the one’s I forgave that they don’t owe me anything. It feels freeing. I will get my needs met by Jesus that they couldn’t.” Kim, California
“I feel a lot better about my connection with Jesus and this experience led me to forgive myself for some lies I’d been believing. It re-ignited a hope in me to see God’s promises fulfilled.” Kendall, California
“I was believing I wasn’t good enough. But when I heard God say to me, “You just as yourself is enough.” It made me feel loved and accepted. When Papa God said, “I want u to just be as you are. You don’t have to say sorry all the time. Just be the way you are. I love that.” I felt freedom.”